20 Memes You Might Enjoy If You Take a Lot of Medication

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On August 20th, Redditors on r/LegoYoda began posted an increasing amount of images relating to ketamine. Redditor MemeLordOfTheFlies posted an image of Lego Yoda with text referencing the drug to r/LegoYoda[3] (shown below, left). That same day, Redditor Someoneman posted an image about Jar Jar Binks taking Yoda’s ketamine to r/LegoYoda[4] (shown below, right).

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  2. Other substances that were adopted by memes early on were rather more serious in their consequences, and the formats they produced made sure that you knew about it.
  3. Tripping is well known to bring with it the potential of otherworldly experiences that from the outside, look perfectly mundane.
  4. They have had a little currency on the cursed meme scene as time has gone on, but for the most part, they have ceded to other substances.

Each drug has a big presence in one-off image macros, usually disarming their purportedly cooler reputation with ridiculous or more humorously realistic concepts. On March 31st, 2019, YouTuber Random Gmod Vids uploaded a spoken version of the Discord conversation (shown below). When you live with a chronic illness, mental illness or disability, it’s possible you’ll need to take medication at some point or another – and for many, the list of prescriptions you’re given can sometimes feel endless. Although it’s important to take any medications your doctor has prescribed to you as directed, it can be difficult to be on be on a lot of meds at the same time. Staying organized and remembering which day/time you’re supposed to take them can be a challenge – especially if you struggle with brain fog. Monitoring changes and side effects can also be tough since it’s not always easy to tell which medication (or which illness!) is causing the symptoms you’re experiencing.

The latest craze in the world of social media marketing is the use of what are called drug memes. In fact, the term is derived from the term “drug” which refers to any substance used for recreational or medicinal purposes. However, the recent trend is not only limited to recreational drugs but has also been adopted by other substances such as caffeine and even sex toys. With this said, it is safe to assume that drug Memes have become part of our culture in today’s world. Fundamentally, memes understand that having a conversation with anyone who is a little too invested in taking any kind of drug can be an excruciatingly boring experience.

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Yoda’s Ketamine Addiction

At HuffPost, we believe that a free press is critical to having well-informed voters. The real James explains the behavior in an intercut interview by saying, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug” (shown below). The increase can be tied to Columbia’s decision to stop arial eradication of coca fields over environmental concerns in 2015. Now, under pressure from the US, Columbia is considering using drones to restart the program.

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Humor might only be a small piece of the puzzle, but it’s still a welcome one. These memes about addiction and recovery understand that the path can be a struggle, even when you can find the funny in it. On June 3rd, 2016, Facebook [6] user ShitMemes posted currency trading strategies a version that adds “Weetbix.” The post received more than 9,100 reactions, 2,300 comments and 600 shares (shown below, right). On February 8th, FunnyJunk [5] user kevinator posted a version in which the mock addition reads “Vtec” (shown below, center).

Addicted to Drug Memes

They have had a little currency on the cursed meme scene as time has gone on, but for the most part, they have ceded to other substances. That said, they have made some more subtle resurgences, most notably with the Nah He Tweakin copypasta earlier this year. On top of that, we owe weed the blessing and the curse that is designating a meme as Dank, a major player in kickstarting the mainstream acceptance of ironic memery. Making an official association between weed and memes, it acknowledged the embrace of the high mentality when it came to all things online.

Elevated from drugstore staple to intentional causer of nightmares, no pharmaceutical is safe when you’ve got a predilection for dark memery and a Doomer mentality. These drugs weren’t always portrayed in a malicious manner — they were often used to mock the messaging with normal and cursed versions of pop https://g-markets.net/ culture characters. That said, they could sometimes target users of these drugs in a way that could be seen as harmful and judgmental. A growing acceptance and partial legality in the U.S. have blunted much of the edge it may have once had, but it remains the giant of the drug meme cottage industry.

The increase can be tied to Colombia’s decision to stop the aerial eradication of coca fields over environmental concerns in 2015. Now, under pressure from the US, Colombia is considering using drones to restart the program. Fortunately, there are forms of support out there for those trying to kick a habit — but this is no guarantee for success. Perseverance is key when it comes to addiction, and there are often a lot of factors that can contribute to this.

Drug Memes Are Taking Over: Why People Traffic Viral Cocaine Posts

Paige is passionate about helping people with chronic health issues share their stories and connect with one another. It might be all very well enjoying partying now and then, but taking it too far can be a slippery slope that leads to some dark and unwelcome places. Choosing to strive for sobriety when you have a substance abuse problem is a brave thing to do, but it’s also far from an easy one. Like any kind of recovery, it’s not linear, as well as being a constant mental and emotional battle. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to.

Story Time

We know that most memes are uncomfortable with the idea of sophistication, so when it comes to often glamorized substance use it is usually keen to turn it on its head. With their association with the party scene and user profile that can be perceived as classier or more esoteric, the memes that surround them are often concerned with trying to cut them down to size. The earliest known usage of the images as a meme was posted on the remote controlled race car message board RC Universe.[2] That day, user Summit is Beast!!! Posted an image using three images of abusers labeled “alcohol,” “heroin,” “cocaine” and the joke abuser “RC Addict” (shown below, right). The sketch became one of the most popular in Chapelle’s Show history, inspiring Internet users to quote it in online discourse.

Later that day, Redditor angstyteens posted the image to r/fakehistoryporn[2] (shown below). Whether you come to HuffPost for updates on the 2024 presidential race, hard-hitting investigations into critical issues facing our country today, or trending stories that make you laugh, we appreciate you. The truth is, news costs money to produce, and we are proud that we have never put our stories behind an expensive paywall. One of the earliest memes to use the phrase is a Demotivational Poster posted to eBaum’s World[2] on December 6th, 2007, featuring an image of Amy Winehouse intoxicated (shown below). The phrase is often used alongside images of intoxicated people to comedically highlight the fact of their intoxication. Cocaine Is A Hell Of A Drug is a popular online catchphrase referencing a 2004 skit from Chappelle’s Show in which Dave Chappelle plays Rick James and uses the phrase as an excuse for slapping Charlie Murphy across the face.

Drug Memes have been used by people to express their drug use and are now becoming commonplace in our culture. While many people do use funny drug memes as a way to lighten a situation, others use these memes and images as a way to bring up serious issues about drugs. For example, one popular drug image is the old fashioned pipe that people smoke heroin.

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